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Stuart Austin
Managing Director
Positive Perfection
Australia & New Zealand
Phone: (00 11) 0428 521 612

PO BOX 1890
Katherine, NT 0850

Stuart’s foundations are in south east Australia from which he has since traversed many parts of Australia and Canada in the development of his career. Spanning the last 12 years, Stuarts experience has included five years in the northern beef industry; a year managing a cattle feedlot in southern Queensland; three years in Canada working in the tourism and grains industries; and the last three years working as a private contractor for harvesting, spraying, mustering and consulting.

It was during his time in Canada that Stuart developed Positive Perfection, with an aim to assist other young people with an ag background to find employment in agriculture in Canada. Further, to help solve the labour shortage issues shared by Australia and Canada. He has a consistent demand for their applicants and always welcome applications.

In line with his continuous professional development philosophy, Stuart has recently completed an Associate Degree in Agribusiness as a mature age student at Marcus Oldham College. He is now based in the Northern Territory where he manages an extensive beef cattle stud and commercial operation, as well as growing Positive Perfection.

Craig Ference
Managing Director
Cascade Recruitment
Canada & United States
Cell: (00 11) 1-780-753-1283
Office: (00 11) 1-403-552-3753

PO BOX 707
Kirriemuir, Alberta T0C 1R0

Craig was born and raised in East Central Alberta on a cow/calf, feedlot operation. After finishing high school he took a year off and travelled to Australia to live and work. It was a very rewarding experience that has provided him with many life skills that have helped to shape who he is today.

Upon returning to Canada Craig attended post Secondary Education at the University of Alberta, completing a Bachelor of Science, further developing his skill set for the agriculture industry. Here he met so many valuable contacts whom he relies on daily and who have helped him in getting to where he is today. Craig returned home to the family business and currently manages their Alberta and Saskatchewan properties with his father.

Craig started hiring Australians in 2005 for their cow/calf operation and has never had a regret or issue. It has been very rewarding for their family as well as for the Australian employees. "We have been so pleased with the work ethics and abilities of these employees. We have been so satisfied in fact that I have joined up with Stuart Austin at Positive Perfection to recruit and place Australians with quality employers here in Canada."

To Craig, Australians have a good-hearted, easy going nature about them. They are well-rounded farm kids with rural roots. Craig feels that we seem to be losing these qualities in our young Canadians. Every year there are fewer and fewer quality farm kids available to employ. Our goal is to try and fill this void.

Oskar Gustafson
Cascade Recruitment

Telephone: +46703373625
Contact for Australia
Vragerupsvägen 211
245 61 Staffanstorp

Oskar Gustafson grew up on a small property on the Swedish west coast.  I’ve been working 5 harvest seasons in Australia with a harvest contractor both harvest work and normal duties on his farm.  During these years I worked and travelled through a lot of parts of the country and met a lot of wonderful people and got a lot experience of the way agriculture works in Australia.

I helped a number of people to gain employment in the country. By doing this I got a good knowledge about travelling and working overseas in an easy and safe way. Through our partners today we have got a large range of jobs in rural Australia, and can find just the job you’re looking for. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact me. 

Josefine Weber
Cascade Recruitment

Telephone: +46705696859
Vragerupsvägen 211
245 61 Staffanstorp

My name is Josefine Weber and I am a Swedish citizen. I live in the countryside rural area in south Sweden. I’m a girl that loves new challenges. One of my goals in my life was traveling to New Zealand and Canada, that gave me lots of experiences. The traveling to those two country’s made me look on things in different ways and I learned lots about the culture.

My career as a farmer started where I grow up, I helped my mother and father a lot on the farm and as I became older my choice to become a farmer grew stronger.  When I was 16 I decided to start in agricultural school. When I finished school I started to work as a tractor driver. The farm wasn’t very big it was only me and the owner. We split all the hard work and he gave me a lot of faith, I grew a lot that year that I finally decided to do something about my dream.

Fall 2008 my dream came true, my journey started in New Zealand, Rotorua. I was there for 6.5 months. In March 2009 my journey continued to Canada, Alberta for another half year. Both countries were beautiful, but the Canadian agriculture and the amazing experience that it gave me and all the people I met, was something special for me.

Nick Sinden
Jean-Marie Poirier
Odyssey Agri

Enquiries relating to countries not represented above should be directed to Stuart or Craig depending upon which country it is you are intending to travel too.

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