Q: How long does this applicant wish to stay in Canada?

A: Although the Visa is a 2 year permit, not all of our applicants wish to spend 2 years away from home.

We have some applicants looking for only 3 months work (Harvest, Calving, Seeding, Weaning), some looking to only be here for the Summer (Aussies rarely like the cold!), most are looking for a full year in Canada with the permissibility to stay for 2 years.

We ensure that both the employer and employee agree to the length of employment pre arrival.

Q: How long does this employee wish to stay in Australia?

A: Generally, and primarily due to the harsh Winters and pleasant Canadian Summers, most Canadians wish to travel to Australia between October and April. This aligns nicely with the completion of Canada’s harvest and the onset of the Australian harvest.

Candidates wishing to work in the livestock industry are a little more flexible and are often available year round.

Q: Will the employee be required to sign a contract?

A: No. We do not engage in or stipulate that candidates that we source for employment in Australia or Canada will be required to sign a contract.

We provide a guaranteed service that states upon completion of a two week probationary period the employer and employee shall reconvene and agree to either continue or terminate the arrangement. You will not be invoiced until this time.

Q: What is the cost of your service?

A: Positive Perfection and Cascade Recruitment charge a onetime flat fee that is predetermined according to:

a) the level of experience of the employee and
b) the term of duration of employment.

These are set fees that under some circumstances are negotiable.

Q: What am I expected to pay an employee?

A: We have a recommended minimum rate of pay that will be discussed over the phone.

We expect that you will remunerate your international employee at the same rate you would if he/she were a local employee.

We feel this to be fair and reasonable and will endeavour to find you an employee whom you feel is of this value.

Q: What accommodation do candidates expect?

A: In Australia, most employers provide quarters or a house.

In Canada, some employers provide a house, apartment or basement suite.

It is worth noting that the more benefits that you can offer an employee the more attractive your position will be to both the candidate and us.

As an example, one of our employers in Australia pays $15hr, provides all meals and accommodation and a vehicle for the employee to get to town when required.

In Canada, we have an employer paying $4000 month, with a phone, gas, and some meals.

Q: How long does it take to find an employee?

A: Generally speaking, it is a 4 - 6 week process from first contact w an employer to having an employee arrive to work.

Occasionally the process is significantly shortened if the candidate already has travel plans in place. Ie. Flights booked and a Work Visa but has not yet found a job.