Hiring a Canadian to work in your business may be the most rewarding and satisfying experience for both you, you’re family, and your fellow employees. They are young, fit, and eager to work!
  • The employees that we source are always between the ages of 18 – 31.
    • They have extensive experience in the field of agriculture, with most either growing up on farms and ranches in their home country or having an agriculture tertiary education.
  • All employees that we source are guaranteed to have a valid Working Holiday Maker Visa.
    • This permits them to work for up to 6 months for one employer and a total of 12 months in Australia.
    • Having worked in Agriculture they will be permitted to apply for a second 1 year Working Holiday Maker Visa, provided they complete at least 88 days (3 months) paid farm employment on their first Visa.
    • This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • As an employer, we will recommend a fair remuneration rate based on the applicants experience.
    • The final agreement on wages is left up to the employer and employee to negotiate.
  • The one stipulation of employment of a Positive Perfection or Cascade Recruitment applicant is that the employer shall either provide or pre-arrange accommodation prior to the arrival of an employee.
    • Whether or not an employee is charged for the accommodation is again left to the employer and employee to negotiate.

Stuart or Craig will contact you shortly thereafter to explore your options.

Employer Expression of Interest Form

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Please note that this form is by no means definitive, it is simply a guide to aid us in finding you an applicant that is most suited to your operation.