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The opportunity to work in the Canadian agriculture industry is an exciting way to broaden ones knowledge of agriculture on an international scale, learn a great deal about the Canadian culture, and have an amazing unforgettable experience amongst people who will become lifelong friends.

Our service to employees is all FREE!

If you have thought about international work and travel but never known where to start then you have found the right place. Stuart has extensive travel experience and is here to mentor you through the entire process. We keep it as simple as possible without leaving anything out, as you will see it is a simple step by step process.

Click here to download a “Step by Step Guide to Work in Canada” PDF

1. Complete the Application Form below.

  • Include as much information as possible such as intended travel dates and how long you wish to work in Canada for.
  • Attach your resume, at least two references, and two photos that best personify your character.
  • You will be contacted by Stuart upon receipt of this form to discuss your options.

2. Apply for a passport.

  • Allow 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Passports must be valid for a minimum of 2 years and six months to apply for your Visa.
  • Australian’s - Visit and complete a “Passport Application Form,” attach required documentation including passport photos, and lodge it at Australia Post.
  • New Zealander’s - Visit complete a “Passport Application Form” and post or submit it to one of the Passport Offices listed on the application form, together with required documentation and photos.

    **As of January 1st 2013, you may now apply for your Australian Federal Police – National Police Check and Working Holiday Visa at the same time. At Stage 2 of the Visa application process, upon receiving your “Conditional Acceptance Letter” you
    will be required to scan and upload a copy of your National Police Check.

3. Apply for an Australian Federal Police – National Police Check.

4. Apply for your Working Holiday Permit.   

  • Allow 2 – 6 weeks.
  • In Australia, , select “Working Holiday” in the menu on the left side of the screen and follow the process through.
    • Check the FAQ’s page for eligibility and terms.
  • In New Zealand, and select “International Experience Canada”
    • Check the FAQ’s page for eligibility and terms.

If you need assistance or have any questions about completing your Visa application, please don’t hesitate to contact Stuart.

5. Enquire about flights and travel insurance.

  • We STRONGLY suggest, and in some cases you must, take out Travel Insurance.
  • We use and recommend STA Travel for cheap airfares and affordably priced travel insurance.    
  • Upon confirmation from Stuart that we have a position for you in Canada, you will need to go ahead and book and pay for your flights.
  • Please forward your flight details on to Stuart AND your employer.

6. Obtain an International Driving Permit

  • From your State or Territorial Motoring Club (NRMA, RACV, RACQ).
  • In New Zealand, visit this website to apply:
  • You will be permitted to drive any vehicle, whilst in Canada, for which you are licensed in Australia or New Zealand for the first three months.
  • After three months you will be considered a resident of the Province in which you are residing and will need to obtain a Drivers Licence for that Province.

The Three Essentials to Work in Canada.

  • A Social Insurance Number (SIN)
    • This is the same as your Tax File Number in Australia.
    • You will need to visit a Service Canada office in Canada OR you can download and complete the forms and send it off once you get to Canada.
  • A Canadian Bank Account.
    • Like Australia, there are a number of banks in Canada and all have their benefits.
    • We suggest you wait until you get to your job and open an account with the same bank as your employer as they will often have a good relationship with a local branch.

  • A cell phone.
    • In Canada, cell (mobile) phones have area codes as well, so you will need to wait until you get to your job and get a cell phone that has coverage and a local number in the area where you will be living.
    • You will pay to make AND receive calls in Canada.
    • Some employers will issue you with a phone for local and work use.
    • SKYPE or “Liberty” international calling cards are the cheapest way to call home.

Further information on the steps above can be found on our FAQ’s page or by contacting Stuart. We are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Employee Expression of Interest Form

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